Taking out a loan: together with partner or better alone?

16 Dec

Taking out a loan, do you actually do it best as a couple or alone? In this blog we weigh the pros and cons of taking out a loan on your own or with two. We are also happy to help you find a suitable loan.

Take out a loan: as a couple

Take out a loan: as a couple


If you visit the bank for two for a loan, you are more likely to accept your application. The bank gets a double guarantee that it will see its money back, because both partners are responsible for the payment. If one of you is fired at work, the other can still jump in for the monthly repayment.

Both partners are also protected in the case of married and legally cohabiting couples. For example, the property cannot be sold or mortgaged without the permission of both partners.


A downside to taking out a loan as a couple can be the ‘joint and several liability’. This term means that both partners are obliged to repay the total amount of the debt and can be prosecuted separately for this.

Suppose that one of the partners decides to leave, the other partner is left behind with the repayment of the full credit.

Take out a loan: only


If you take out a loan with the bank as a single , you should not worry about a partner who does not fulfill his responsibilities. You also do not have to take into account the financial possibilities and wishes of a partner. You are the only one who signs under the contract, so you decide.


As a single, you are solely responsible for the repayment, which means that the bank runs a little more risk than a couple taking out a loan. That can play a role in the acceptance of your loan application.

Because the risk for the bank is slightly higher, the interest rate can also be higher. Although of course everything depends on your file: do you have a stable income? Do you earn your living well? Is your own input high? All these factors can play to your advantage.

Take out a loan? Let us help you

Are you looking for a loan alone or as a couple? We work together with most financial institutions and banks, which gives us a perfect overview of the usual interest rates and loans.

Feel free to drop in. In a confidential conversation from person to person we together look at your financial situation, your needs and the possibilities that present themselves.

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