Identity card required for payday pay Cheap online credit

11 Nov

Non-bank companies, when granting payday loans, require the customer to confirm his identity by providing a series and ID card number. Often this is one of the conditions given as mandatory in the application for payday loans online.

However, what if we lost the ID card?


Is a driving license enough to receive payday loans? Unfortunately not. To apply for payday loans without a bik, we must have a valid ID. Other documents are not accepted by non-bank companies.

Non-bank companies limit formalities to a minimum, but do not resign from verifying customers who are granted payday loans.

Why is an ID card required?


It is not enough to provide the data in the application sent via the contact form. Providing the number and series of the ID card, if we apply for payday loans, is obligatory.

Driving licenses or passports are not treated by loan companies as proof of identity, although our photo is there. In addition, it is also worth remembering that pay installments can be taken only by adults and those who have Polish citizenship. The identity card confirms this clearly.

A financial commitment and a lost ID card


If you lost your ID card, you can’t count on getting new online payday loans. You will have to wait for new proof to be obtained. Then you can apply for payday loans online. Alternatively, if we are waiting for a new ID card and we need the ranking payday sheets immediately, we can download a letter confirming this fact from the office.

In such a situation, you should contact a consultant who verifies applications for payday loans online in order to send such a certificate. In this situation, payday loans without bases should be granted without any problems. It will be sufficient if we provide a scan of the original ID card at a later date, once we have a loan.

As you can see, in the case of an online loan, the ID card is very important.

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